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    It is a unit linked insurance plan, it means that it is linked to the share market.

    935 New Endowment Plus_Hindi

    It is a unit linked insurance plan, it means that it is linked to the share market.

    It is an Unit Linked Insurance Plan that is linked to the share market. It is a combination of Insurance and Investment. It offers different investment options. This plan can be taken for minimum 10 years and maximum for 20 years. Partial withdrawal is possible from 6th year onwards. This plan comes with DAB Rider.

    Different Investment Options

    Get the flexibility of investment by exercising desired investment option from various available options. Freedom to choose investment plan according to your risk appetizer.

    Combination of Investment and Insurance

    This plan offers benefits of both - Investment and Insurance. Having flexibility to choose your investment style offers keeps your money in safe hands upto desired extent. Get risk cover upto 10 times of the investment.

    Unlimited Switching Facility

    Switch between different investment options is easy and unlimited in this plan. Secure your money according to market conditions. Also, enjoy four switches free for every policy year.


    Avail Tax benefit on premium paid
    Tax Free Maturity Amount
    Tension Free Claim Settlement


    Entry Age90 days completed50 years (Nearer birthday)
    Policy Term10 years20 years
    Term25 years
    PPTSame as Policy Term
    Maturity age18 years Completed60 years nearest birthday
    PremiumModeAmountNo limit
    Yearly₹ 20,000/-
    Half-Yearly₹ 13,000/-
    Quarterly₹ 8,000/-
    Monthly (ECS)₹ 3,000/-
    Premium Paying ModesYearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly ECS
    Investment Fund TypesBond, Secured, Balanced, Growth
    Annualized Premiums shall be payable in multiple of ₹ 1,000/- for all modes other than ECS monthly.
    For monthly (ECS), the premium shall be in multiples of ₹ 250/-
    Basic Sum Assured - (10* Annualized Premium) or (105% of the total premiums paid), whichever is higher.

    For Linked Accident Benefit Rider

    Minimum Entry Age :18 years completed

    Maximum Entry Age :55 years nearest birthday

    Maximum Maturity Age : 60 years nearest birthday

    Minimum Accident Benefit Sum Assured :₹ 10,000/-

    Maximum Accident Benefit Sum Assured :10 times of Annualized Premium subject to the maximum aggregate limit of Accident Benefit Sum Assured as ₹ 100 lakhs of Accident Benefit Sum Assured